Imagine the possibilities with our Enterprise Design Services

Phison’s IMAGIN+ design labs enable our enterprise customers with highly customized SSDs to perform optimally across varying workloads and block sizes. Phison’s engineering team is always available to brainstorm with our customers to find their perfect Enterprise SSD balance in capacity, endurance, performance, and power consumption.

The IMAGIN+ design services platform empowers global enterprise partners and customers with:

R&D resource sharing and expert collaboration
Custom high-performance and capacity SSD design services
Signal-enhancing IC solutions
Innovative AI solutions and services
A wide range of legacy and emerging enterprise applications


Transform your imaginative vision into technological reality

At Phison, we begin any project by listening to the problem our customer wants to solve. We provide advice and recommendations, but you are always in the driving seat – it’s your project, and we are your team. The enterprise market needs an SSD systems partner that is more creative and more flexible, in order to execute new concepts and ideas. And that’s why we are here.

To engineer imagination, together.


Decades of independent IP capabilities, and deep engineering expertise in enterprise data center architecture


Phison’s IMAGIN+ Enterprise Design Services team collaborates closely with leading OEM, ODM, and technology industry innovation leaders.


Tell us what you need, we’ll tell you how best to do it, and support you to make it happen.


Custom solutions derived from our wide-ranging portfolio of enterprise NAND flash solutions, AI-optimized memory, and signal enhancing IC.


End-to-end design and manufacturing service that covers everything from your initial vision, to designing fully tailored SSD and flash storage solutions, to comprehensive testing and validation, through to manufacturing.



X2 Feature-Rich PCle Gen 5 Dual Port Controller

Phison’s X2 controller is a high-performance and power-efficient solution. It supports all features required for the modern data center architecture including single/dual port, end-to-end data protection, power loss protection, and predictable performance that exceeds industry standards.


X1 The industry’s most advanced PCIe Gen 4x4 Dual Port Controller

Phison’s X1 controller delivers unparalleled, low-power NAND flash performance and efficiency for modern data center architectures. Offering the highest levels of data integrity and security for critical business applications, the X1 controller is developed at Phison’s R&D facility with our industry-leading in-house IP for the most stable design at product launch.



E18DC Ultra-efficient PCIe Gen 4x4 Enterprise Controller

Low power Enterprise NAND flash solutions guarantee predictable performance for mission-critical applications. Phison’s PCIe E18DC series realizes significant performance enhancements when matched with PCIe Gen4 chipsets.


S12DC High capacity SATA Enterprise Controller

Phison’s S12DC series enables the highest storage densities for SATA backplanes. The S12DC series enables 8 times the performance of 16 TB HDDs in the same physical footprint, making it ideal for scaling low-power enterprise and hyperscale data center environments.