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Pascari is Phison’s new brand name for its enterprise SSD product line. Phison proudly manufactures and ships enterprise SSDs that deliver a superior blend of performance, low-power consumption, and endurance to meet our customers’ needs for storage applications.
“Engineering imagination, together.” At its core, Pascari represents a technology partnership with our customers. Phison offers data storage systems characterized by a high degree of customization, supply flexibility, innovation, an extensive partner network, and comprehensive technical support. Choosing Phison means gaining a reliable, long-term partner equipped to navigate technological challenges.
Until now, Phison’s enterprise SSDs were available only through our valued private-label OEM customers. With Pascari-branded SSDs now available on shelves worldwide, Phison’s top-tier performance and energy-efficient enterprise SSDs are more accessible.
No. Phison has been providing enterprise-class SSDs for nearly a decade to our esteemed OEM partners under their brands. We develop our own controllers, firmware, PCBA designs, and PMICs and manufacture SSDs. The introduction of the Pascari brand enhances the accessibility of our enterprise SSDs to our customers and partners.
Pascari stands for:
Acceleration of Applications

These qualities empower you to reach the market faster.

Pascari-branded SSDs are available through many distribution partners including ASI and MaLabs.

The Pascari brand includes:

X Series Performance SSDs
D Series Data Center SSDs
B Series Boot SSDs
S Series SATA SSDs
AI Series SSDs

Phison is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of our products. The Pascari SSDs are designed with energy efficiency in mind, utilizing advanced power management technologies to lower power consumption and decrease carbon footprint, helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining high performance.


With Pascari, your product support is our priority. Our eWarranty System is designed for easy access to all our warranty services. Utilize our streamlined services to easily access and manage all your warranty needs.


Whether you are trying to find the Pascari enterprise SSD that’s right for you, or have a complex engineering challenge that requires a custom storage solution, we want to hear from you. The journey starts here – let us know how we can help.