Find the enterprise SSD to match your needs

The Pascari portfolio of enterprise SSDs is built on over two decades of experience driving innovation in NAND flash technologies. These purpose-built SSDs are based on benchmarking and workload analysis, while our R&D capabilities provide customers with a competitive edge via a faster time-to-market.

Our product portfolio

Phison’s IP portfolio enables highly customized and off-the-shelf solutions to address specific storage deployment scenarios and workloads. We enable our partners and customers to identify and make the most of emerging opportunities across the data storage ecosystem, while positioning them for future growth.


Performance X-Series

Our highest performing enterprise-class SSDs designed for extreme write intensity with vast capacity options allowing for scale and efficiency while reducing operating costs. Pascari X-Series comes in the latest form factors and is unmatched in features, giving you custom SSD results with an off-the-shelf buying experience.


Data Center D-Series

Contemporary data center design utilizes a diverse array of storage form factors optimized to meet specific capacity, performance and feature needs. Pascari D-Series solutions are compatible with industry-standard and custom data center servers, enabling you to accommodate the increasing volume of data generated by contemporary applications and users with reduced power consumption.


Boot Drive B-Series

Server performance starts at the core where applications and background tasks reside. Pascari B-Series boot drives are designed for reliability and I/O consistency ensuring optimal results even in high-volume rack scale environments.


SATA S-Series

Efficiently manage the power consumption of your legacy servers with high-performance and large capacity Pascari SATA S-Series products, designed to extend the life and capabilities of your existing servers without a complete overhaul of your existing infrastructure.


aiDAPTIV+ | AI-Series

Phison is pioneering the artificial intelligence industry with the first all-inclusive solution to fine tune language models larger than the GPU memory barrier. This hybrid solution takes advantage of Phison’s expansive NAND knowledge to enable extreme endurance SSDs controlled by aiDAPTIVLink to segment data and direct data to GPUs for processing.