Data Center D-Series

Contemporary data center design utilizes a diverse array of storage form factors optimized to meet specific capacity, performance and feature needs. Pascari D-Series solutions are compatible with industry-standard and custom data center servers, enabling you to accommodate the increasing volume of data generated by contemporary applications and users with reduced power consumption.



D100 PCIe Gen4 Data Center Storage in High-Speed M.2 and E1.S Form Factors

The D100 enterprise SSD is optimized for high consistency with excellent Quality of Service (QoS) over intensive read and write command executions. This series is highly customizable to meet partners’ individual application and brand requirements.

Interface Specifications

PCIe Gen4x4 Single Port
M.2 2280, 22110, E1.S


480 GB up to 3.84 TB

SSD Power Consumption

Active: 11.5W (M.2 2280, 22110) | 13.5W (E1.S)
Idle: 3.5W (M.2 2280, 22110) | 4.2W (E1.S)


Seq Read (up to)
6.0 GB/s (M.2 2280, 22110)
6.8 GB/s (E1.S)

Seq Write (up to)
1.8 GB/s (M.2 2280, 22110)
2.0 GB/s (E1.S)

Random Read (up to)
800 KIOPs (M.2 2280, 22110)
900 KIOPs (E1.S)

Random Write (up to)
60 KIOPs (M.2 2280, 22110)
70 KIOPs (E1.S)