Enterprise storage

Engineering imagination, together

We believe in accelerating enterprise innovation by empowering our customers to turn imagination into reality. Engage with us as a true technology partner through the engineering of custom storage systems or by using any one of our off-the-shelf SSDs that are ready to go.

Storage innovation legacy

Phison is a true technology partner with a proven track record

For over two decades Phison has been at the forefront of storage innovation, developing unrivalled controller expertise and crafting flash storage solutions that are already powering enterprise applications globally. Now we’re going one step further, leveraging our experience, expertise and team of close to 4000 engineers to build customized design solutions and deliver turnkey SSDs, to address today’s enterprise storage challenges.

Accelerating enterprise innovation


Enterprise product portfolio

Find your perfect fit with our industry-leading SSD products

We provide ready and reliable off-the-shelf turnkey SSD products, which we can also customize to fit the specific needs of our customers.

Design customization services

Transform your imaginative vision into technological reality

The enterprise market needs an SSD systems partner that is more creative and flexible, in order to execute new concepts.

Our lab is your lab, and with IMAGIN+, our Enterprise Design Services, we provide an all-in-one, end-to-end design and manufacturing service that covers everything from your initial vision, to designing fully tailored SSD and flash memory solutions for custom workload and applications, to comprehensive testing and validation, through to manufacturing.

Tell us what you need, we’ll tell you how best to do it, and support you to make it happen.

A true technology partner

We can help you stay on the cutting edge, ahead of the competition

At Phison, we are technologists at heart and we develop all our own IP. We have close to 4000 engineers, and we can build anything. We make a variety of industry adopted form factors for enterprise, work with all NAND types and can operate in any environment, even in outer space.

Creating more affordable AI solutions

We believe that all sizes of businesses should have access to AI. Phison is using SSDs creatively to make AI more accessible, by moving away from expensive exotic hardware to a tiered memory solution leveraging normal DRAM and NAND Flash.

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Accelerating innovation through resilience

We accelerate our customers’ innovation because our drives are designed to be extremely resilient and will keep working with no interruptions. So you can focus on developing your core expertise with absolute confidence that your data is safe.

Breathing innovation every day

We are committed to R&D in enterprise, with our cutting-edge labs at our HQ in Taiwan, and a dedicated innovation center in Colorado. Wherever you are in the world, if you have an engineering challenge, our large team of specialist engineers will work with you to find a solution, no matter what.